Thomas LeGault

Thomas LeGault

A native of Michigan, he received his formal training at the well-known Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. Master Artist LeGault has continued to develop his style and techniques for the past 38 years, supporting his family solely on showing and selling his works.

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  • Along the Fence by Thomas LeGault


    “Along The Fence” by Thomas LeGault is a riot of color and a deluge of beauty.

  • Barns in Spring by Thomas LeGault


    You can almost smell the blossoms and the earth in Thomas LeGault’s “Barns in Spring.”

  • Bay Harbor #9 by Thomas LeGault


    Thomas LeGault loves to paint golf courses and it shows. Here he captures the elegance and challenge of the ninth hole at the Bay Harbor Golf Club near Petoskey, Michigan.

  • Beach by Thomas LeGault


    The name of this artwork, “Beach,” says it all.

  • Birch View by Thomas LeGault


    Thomas LeGault takes on winter in “Birch View,” a resplendent acrylic painting of a snowy stream.

  • Follow the Path by Thomas LeGault


    Who can resist wandering down this path?

  • Garden Reflections by Thomas LeGault


    Thomas LeGault’s “Garden Reflections,” has blooms, blossoms and flowers.

  • Good Surf Day by Thomas LeGault


    Why yes it is a Good Surf Day and this acrylic painting by Thomas LeGault will always put you right on Michigan’s beaches.

  • In the Summer Sun by Thomas LeGault


    Who can look at this lovely painting of this majestic house and not imagine living in it.

  • Pastel Winter by Thomas LeGault


    Winter looks glorious when Thomas LeGault captures its subtle, yet colorful, temperament.

  • Soft Reflections by Thomas LeGault


    Soft Reflection by Thomas LeGault uses a minimum of colors to maximum effect.

  • Stand of Birches by Thomas LeGault


    Stand of Birches by Thomas LeGault is an original acrylic painting. It is 24 inches wide by 36 inches high.

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