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  • Rebirth by William White


    Inspired from his own garden…

  • Red Hot Beauties by Chris Trombley


    From her Garden Series, Chris Trombley goes bold with, “Red Hot Beauties.”

  • Rhythmic Dance by Chris Trombley


    Bold, crisp and fun…

  • Summer Meadow by William White


    Have you seen a garden this lush? With layers of oil to build depth and dimension, William White brings us a summer bouquet on canvas with, “Summer Meadow.”

  • Summer Sunflowers by Alan Maciag


    Tall, strong and beautiful…

  • Sunflower Light by Mark Mehaffey


    “Sunflower Light” by Mark Mehaffey measures 15 1/2″ wide by 18 1/2″ high.

  • Sunflower Queen by Margaret White


    Sunflower Queen by Margaret White is an oil-pastel textured painting, 21 inches wide by 25 inches high.

  • Sunlit Garden by Alan Maciag


    When light catches you, you embrace it…

  • To Brighten Your Day by Thomas LeGault


    Let every day be brighter with a bouquet of Thomas LeGault.

  • Tulip Tapestry by William White


    Analyzing his relationship with color, William White goes big with “Tulip Tapestry.”

  • Tulips by Joan Gerigk


    This lovely Oil canvas measures 17.5″ wide by 21.5″ high in white, shadow box frame.

  • We Rise Beyond Boundaries by Chris Trombley


    With each new season…

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