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  • Gypsy Moon by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s “Gypsy Moon” is an oil-pastel painting in a hand-painted vintage frame.

  • Holbein-esque by Margaret White


    “Holbein-esque” by Margaret White is indeed Holbein-esque. It is inspired by Holbein’s painting of “Anne of Cleves,” 1539, with the woman in an elaborate red gown and headgear.

  • Homeowner by Margaret White


    “Homeowner” is a creative departure for Margaret White, showing her illustrative and almost-cartoonish side.

  • Kat and Mouse by Margaret White


    Margaret White pulls out the all the stops with elaborate detail in “Kat and Mouse.”

  • Lace Cap by Margaret White

    $1,200.00 $750.00

    Margaret White’s “Lace Cap” is an oil-pastel original painting in a vintage oval frame.

  • Let Her Rip by Lindy Bishop


    Nature, open water, energy & tranquility… Artist Lindy Bishop takes it all on in her work.

  • Mixed Message by Margaret White


    “Mixed Message” by Margaret White captures a moment with color and imagination.

  • Rainy Day by Antonio Macioce


    Fresh and colorful with an air of mystery, Rainy Day captivates the senses. 48 x 24 inches acrylics on canvas.

  • See Ya Later by Lindy Bishop


    You could be racing or meandering, but this one will, “See Ya Later.”

  • Spring Warm by Margaret White


    “Spring Warm” by Margaret White evokes feelings of soft May evenings, youth and hope.

  • Sunflower Queen by Margaret White


    Sunflower Queen by Margaret White is an oil-pastel textured painting, 21 inches wide by 25 inches high.

  • Taking Lead by Lindy Bishop


    Taken aboard her own boat (with lifeline in view), Lindy Bishop captures the thrill of the race in “Taking Lead.”

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