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  • Reading Light by Mark Mehaffey


    The glow of light creates warm ambiance…

  • Saint Francesca by Shanny Brooke


    Calling on her spirit guide…

  • Skipping Stones by Gail Hayton


    The charm of enjoying beach stones as a child…

  • Sunflower Queen by Margaret White


    Sunflower Queen by Margaret White is an oil-pastel textured painting, 21 inches wide by 25 inches high.

  • The Golden Teacher by Shanny Brooke


    Embracing your own spiritual path…

  • Waiting by Margaret White


    Capturing the simplicity and beauty of the human form is “Waiting” by Margaret White.

  • When Self Preservation Goes Wrong by Shanny Brooke


    A reminder to be vulnerable…

  • When The Days Are Bright by Michelle Tock York


    Whimsical, but introspective…

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