Small (24" and under)

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  • Birch Forest by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    The pathway through…

  • Black Walnut Whitetail by Sam Soet


    Hand carved black walnut skull with authentic Whitetail antlers.

  • Blooming Crown Imperials by Alan Maciag


    What an exuberant splash of color…

  • Blue by Robert Scudder


    A beautifully rendered form…

  • Bold Moves by Mara Manning


    Using a house form as a canvas…

  • Breezin’ by Ann Robinson


    Sometimes the process of painting is just about having fun…

  • Bruce by Michelle Tock York


    Whimsy on a block of wood…

  • Cardinals in Weeping Cherry Tree by Susan Bloye


    Cardinals are often found in pairs…

  • Carrying On by Margaret White


    Margaret White stretches into mixed media sculpture with “Carrying On,” a whimsical depiction of a girl and her … pigs.


  • Century Farm by Alan Maciag


    We love the impressions pushed through the paint bringing “Century Farm” to life.

  • Cherry Blossom Annual Rave by Lindy Bishop


    The shimmer of the blossoms…

  • Chickadees in Redbud Tree by Susan Bloye


    Created in the spirit of the Japanese woodblock designs…

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