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  • Sleigh Ride at 4:00 by Gail Hayton


    The bucolic feeling of winter on a farm leaves a big impression from such a small frame in Gail Hayton’s “Sleigh Ride at 4:00.”

  • Small Tractor (Petoskey Winery) by Joan Gerigk


    Known for her plein air technique, Joan Gerigk sits above the farm and works her magic on canvas as the farmer gets to work in the fields.

  • Snow Bunny by Anni Crouter


    Known for her love of nature and animals, Anni Crouter focuses on both with “Winter Bunny.”

  • Snowfall at Dusk by Charles Murphy


    Just finished whilst teaching one of his many fantastic acrylic courses at Twisted Fish, Charles Murphy depicts, “Snowfall at Dusk.”

  • Sofa Table by Dick Davis


    Measures 38.5″ wide by 26.5″ high by 18.25″ deep.

    *Due to size of this sofa table, purchase and shipment is handled through the Gallery directly. Please phone for more information. #231 264 0123

  • Spigot Fish by Michelle Tock York


    Playful use of found object becomes the centerpiece for “Spigot Fish” by Michelle Tock York. Due to the delicate nature of this mixed media sculpture, purchase is required through the gallery directly.

  • Spring Calf by Connie Kuhnle


    This lovely Oil measures 14″ wide by 12″ high in gold trim, red wood frame.

  • Spring Field by Ginnie Cappaert


    Bright & full of texture is “Spring Field” by Ginnie Cappaert.

  • Spring Morning by William Sievert


    This large scale canvas is bursting with color in “Spring Morning,” by William Sievert.

  • Spring Warm by Margaret White


    “Spring Warm” by Margaret White evokes feelings of soft May evenings, youth and hope.

  • Standing Tall by James Troutman


    The magnificence of a bear is captured in “Standing Tall,” a Brazilian soapstone original sculpture by James Troutman.

  • Star Gazers by Daniel Heron


    Small, but large with imagination is Daniel Heron’s, “Star Gazers.”

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