Robert Scudder

Robert Scudder

Robert is mostly a self-taught painter. He moved up north in the late nineteen sixties with the help an encouragement of two outstanding high school art teachers to pursue a painting career. After marriage, family, and owning and operating an outdoor advertising in business in Petoskey for forty years, he retired and was able to go back to his original youthful goal. Mostly a representable artist, recently he has explored contemporary paintings using realistic subjects. He is a current member of Crooked Tree Arts Center Artists Guild, Portrait Society of America, and an associate member of Oil Painters of America, and has been accepted into national and regional exhibitions.
Robert tries to select themes that have some personal meaning. He believes it’s not as important what you are painting, it is why you are painting it. Most of his paintings are done oil on canvas, in his studio from reference photographs and/or drawings. He feels privileged to be able to have the opportunity and fortunate to have the skills to pursue this avocation.
Per Robert, “I want to push the light, it’s everything. This is where the drama is created. We can’t paint anything in the darkness.”

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  • Ascension by Robert Scudder



  • Big Red by Robert Scudder


    An apple to make your mouth water…

  • Blue by Robert Scudder


    A beautifully rendered form…

  • CP Rail #199 by Robert Scudder


    Do you know how Robert Scudder titled this masterful piece?

  • Fall Beauty by Robert Scudder


    If you love clouds, this detailed Oil on ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) will entice you.

  • Footlights by Robert Scudder


    Ready to perform…

  • Mini Red by Robert Scudder


    An apple a day…

  • Silver Springs by Robert Scudder


    You just have to love the barns in Michigan…

  • Summer by Robert Scudder


    A peaceful summer day…

  • The Gallant Soul by Robert Scudder


    Capturing spirit with “The Gallant Soul”…

  • Twilight by Robert Scudder


    One of our gorgeous Michigan coastlines takes the breath away in Robert Scudder’s, “Twilight.”

  • Vine Ripe by Robert Scudder


    There is nothing like a tomato right off the vine…

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