Ralph Annunziata

Ralph Annunziata

my name is ralph –
‘nunzi’ as many call me, but that is not WHO i am – i am an artist on a journey, but that is not WHO i am – i am older & some say wiser,
but that is not WHO i am in the eyes of the greatSPIRIT
that is for HIM to say –
& in the silence HIS wisdom speaks to me –
– when my heARTspace is open, ONEness flows –
– nature speaks we are one w/ all creation –
– listen & be present to NOW, it is all we have & it contains everything –
– my purpose in each canvas, with each gesture applied
is ‘WHOLEness’ in figurative abstraction
& abstracted expression is relational to our ONEness
which flows my authentic being within & without

Ralph offers workshops in “Wet Sketch” technique at Twisted Fish Gallery. Students have admired his comprehensive teaching style which mixes painting application with philosophy and interpersonal mindfulness.

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  • Benona Field by Ralph Annunziata


    Simple & serene is “Benona Field” by Ralph Annunziata.

  • Calvary Knob I by Ralph Annunziata


    Using Acrylic & Graphite on paper, Ralph Annunziata studies the peacefulness of countryside in this series.

  • Calvary Knob II by Ralph Annunziata


    Companion to “Calvary Knob I & III.”

  • Calvary Knob III by Ralph Annunziata


    Companion to “Calvary Knob I & II,” this 3 works series makes a dramatic set if viewed as a collection.

  • Respect by Ralph Annunziata


    This large scale canvas with wood trim frame speaks volumes.