Three-Dimensional Art

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  • Swimming Upstream by James Troutman


    This fish flows with natural beauty…

  • Tea Cups V by Michelle Sider


    Ms. Sider uses both Italian Glass (Smalti) & 14k Gold in this very special piece.

  • The Quiet Crane by Michelle Tock York


    Whimsy on scavenged driftwood…

  • The Spirit of Ukraine by Doug Melvin


    What a proud majestic creature…

  • The Swimmer by James Troutman


    Rendered with the natural flow of the veins in the stone…

  • Tight Turn by James Troutman


    Enjoy the playful flow of this happy otter…

  • Time To Chill by Michelle Sider


    Vivid colors make this piece shine…

  • Unbreakable Bond by Doug Melvin


    There is no mistaking, this is a lifelong love.

  • Watchful by Doug Melvin


    This friendly fox greets guests…

  • When I Leave by Rufus Snoddy


    Mixed Media Sculpture

  • When The Days Are Bright by Michelle Tock York


    Whimsical, but introspective…

  • White Washed Cedar Walker with Black Walnut Bowties by Sam Soet


    Cedar Walker on Limestone base.

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