Three-Dimensional Art

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  • Hen Green Wing Teal Duck


    Jim Troutman’s original sculptures are lifelike, yet artistic. This female teal duck is at peace, yet ready to take to wing at a moment’s notice.

  • Hen Wood Duck by James Troutman


    A keen eye for detail and a talent for sculpture make Jim Troutman’s original artwork brilliant for the ages.

  • Motorcycle Chain Damascus Blade with Birdseye Maple Handle by Dick Davis


    Hand forged from a motorcycle chain, this Damascus blade with Birdseye Maple handle will make a great gift for those loving fine craftsmanship.

  • Motorcycle Chain Damascus Blade with Box Elder Handle by Dick Davis


    Uniquely crafted from motorcycle chain, this Damascus blade is 9 inches long from handle to tip.

  • Never More by James Troutman


    “Never More” by Jim Troutman is a Brazilian soapstone carving.

  • On The Rocks by James Troutman


    James Troutman artistically captures the action of a bear in the wild with “On The Rocks,” an original soapstone sculpture.

  • Railroad Spike Knife with Chainsaw Damascus Blade by Dick Davis


    How does he do that? That is the question with this unique knife that offers function as well as artistry.

  • Small Chainsaw Damascus Blade Knife by Dick Davis


    Smaller, but just as sleek and strong is this chainsaw Damascus blade knife by Dick Davis.

  • Standing Tall by James Troutman


    The magnificence of a bear is captured in “Standing Tall,” a Brazilian soapstone original sculpture by James Troutman.

  • The Chicken-Walker’s Daughter by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s whimsy, creativity and attention to detail come through in three dimensions with this clever sculpture, “The Chicken-Walker’s Daughter.”

  • Timing Chain Damascus Blade with Chechen Wood Handle by Dick Davis


    Made out of what?? Yes… a timing chain. This Damascus blade knife comes with a sleek Chechen wood handle and runs 9 1/2 inches long from handle to tip.

  • Walrus by James Troutman


    This wonderful original sculpture by James Troutman is made from Brazilian soapstone and deer bone.

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