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  • Peaceful Woods by Susan Bloye


    Serenity is here…

  • Rain Garden by Ann Robinson


    Dancing foliage with the flow of watercolor…

  • Rolling Hills by Susan Bloye


    An original illustration from her book, Herman Takes A Walk.

  • Scattered Showers by Ann Robinson


    Light’s changing… but an artist’s eye captures it.

  • Slow Water by Ann Robinson


    Completed with palette knife & inspired by nature…

  • Sumatra Amaryllis by Susan Bloye


    This brings the joy…

  • Three Adirondack Chairs by Stan Myers


    A simple grouping tells a story…

  • Three Pines by Stan Myers


    Feel the gentle lake breezes among the pines…

  • Three Sisters by Steve Griggs


    Still life in threes…

  • Trisha’s Clothesline #4 by Stan Myers


    Capturing the simple beauty of wind and sunlight…

  • Two Boats by Stan Myers


    Evoking the sound of lapping water…

  • Wildflower by Anni Crouter


    An intimate love for nature shines through…

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