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  • The Lower Escanaba by Jerry Gates


    “The Lower Escanaba” by Jerry Gates brings all the beauty of a northern Michigan evening into focus. It is an oil-pastel painting on paper.

  • The Marble Alter by Joe DeLuca


    Powerful, but simple line and shape…

  • The Red Barn by Robert Scudder


    Feel the breezes in the expansive fields…

  • The Shape of Water by Louise Pond


    Behold this award-winning piece…

  • The Shape of Water by Louise Pond


    This breathtaking award-winning piece…

  • The Workhorse by Joan Gerigk


    This beloved old truck sits ready for its next run…

  • The Yellow Shed by Alan Maciag


    Plein air at its finest…

  • Thelma & Louise by Louise Pond


    “Thelma & Louise” by Louise Pond is a Pastel beauty. Measuring 26 1/4″ by 24 1/4″ in gold trimmed, black frame with museum glass.

  • Third Coast Sunset by Susan Bloye


    The glow of the evening sun…

  • Three Adirondack Chairs by Stan Myers


    A simple grouping tells a story…

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