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  • Pulling White by Marcia K Hales


    Are we wrapping up tightly or about to spin loose? You decide with “Pulling White” by Marcia K Hales.

  • Reading Light by Mark Mehaffey


    The glow of light creates warm ambiance…

  • Red Hot Beauties by Chris Trombley


    From her Garden Series, Chris Trombley goes bold with, “Red Hot Beauties.”

  • Reflections by Thomas LeGault


    A quiet day at the lake…

  • Restless in The Time of Covid by Marcia K. Hales


    Layered contemplation is “Restless in The Time of Covid” by Marcia Hales.

  • Sailing Abstraction by Antonio Macioce


    Large, colorful and suggestive of a sail is Antonio Macioce’s “Sailing Abstraction.”

  • Shed and Barn by Daniel Heron


    Part of a triptych series…

  • Shots From My 4 Inch Vertical by Marcia Hales


    Inspired by her latest love of shooting baskets…

  • Shoulder Season by Mark Mehaffey


    The excitement of the color change…

  • Signal Pass by Daniel Heron


    An interplay of shape and color…

  • Snow Stash by Anni Crouter


    Wiskers brushed with snowy frost…

  • Sparrow by Debra LaRocque


    Fluffed and ready to welcome the day…

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