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  • Seashore by Antonio Macioce


    Seashore engages with its spacious and airy feel, and leaves the viewer longing to join the sailor. 24 x 48 inches acrylics on canvas.

  • Soft Reflections by Thomas LeGault


    Soft Reflection by Thomas LeGault uses a minimum of colors to maximum effect.

  • Stand of Birches by Thomas LeGault


    Stand of Birches by Thomas LeGault is an original acrylic painting. It is 24 inches wide by 36 inches high.

  • Stormy Sea by Antonio Macioce


    Wind, waves… let’s go! Energy abounds in Antonio Macioce’s, “Stormy Sea.”

  • Summer Fun by Thomas LeGault


    Summer Fun, indeed! Thomas LeGault captures the majesty — and fun — of a classic wooden boat.

  • Summer Oak by Mark Mehaffey


    Earth tones in the warm light makes for a very special capture via plein air technique in “Summer Oak,” by Mark Mehaffey

  • Summer Wheat by Mark Mehaffey


    Bright and asking to be run through is “Summer Wheat,” by Mark Mehaffey.

  • Sunny Day by Mark Mehaffey


    Bright & cheerful is this “Sunny Day” by Mark Mehaffey.

  • Things Are Heating Up by Marcia K Hales


    Don’t let the small size fool you. “Things Are Heating Up” offers a layering effect that will keep you wondering, “How does she do that?”

  • To Brighten Your Day by Thomas LeGault


    Let every day be brighter with a bouquet of Thomas LeGault.

  • Twilight by Charles Murphy


    With bold colors and subtle techniques, Charles Murphy captures a scene in the woods and our imaginations.

  • Unbound by Marcia K Hales


    Wanting to make a statement in your home or office? Look no further than Marcia K Hales’ “Unbound.”

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