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  • November Looming by Marcia K Hales


    Is it possible to be entangled, but have a way out?

  • October Storm by Charles Murphy


    Clouds are rolling in and it’s time to get inside in Charles Murphy’s, “October Storm.”

  • Open Slope by Charles Murphy


    Is the day starting or ending? Ready for one more run or retreating back to the woods? Charles Murphy asks the question in “Open Slope.”

  • Orange Moon by William Sievert


    An illuminated full moon landscape that captivates and engages the viewer.

  • Passage by Charles Murphy


    Setting a darker tone with this abstract landscape, Charles Murphy contemplates the “Passage.”

  • Passing Through by Anni Crouter


    Anni Crouter is known for her large scale polar bear portraits. She’s offers a medium sized beauty with “Passing Through.”

  • Pastel Winter by Thomas LeGault


    Winter looks glorious when Thomas LeGault captures its subtle, yet colorful, temperament.

  • Peaceful Afternoon by Mark Mehaffey


    Small, but engaging with thick brush strokes from a colorful palette, Mark Mehaffey brings, “Peaceful Afternoon.”

  • Port Oneida Apple Tree by Gerald Moore


    Ready to be picked is Gerald Moore’s “Port Oneida Apple Tree.”

  • Pulling White by Marcia K Hales


    Are we wrapping up tightly or about to spin loose? You decide with “Pulling White” by Marcia K Hales.

  • Rainy Day by Antonio Macioce


    Fresh and colorful with an air of mystery, Rainy Day captivates the senses. 48 x 24 inches acrylics on canvas.

  • Sailing Abstraction by Antonio Macioce


    Large, colorful and suggestive of a sail is Antonio Macioce’s “Sailing Abstraction.”

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