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  • Forest Green by William Sievert


    An enchanting light draws you in with William Sievert’s, “Forest Green.”

  • Garden Reflections by Thomas LeGault


    Thomas LeGault’s “Garden Reflections,” has blooms, blossoms and flowers.

  • Good Surf Day by Thomas LeGault


    Why yes it is a Good Surf Day and this acrylic painting by Thomas LeGault will always put you right on Michigan’s beaches.

  • Gotta Keep it Together by Marcia K Hales


    A statement piece in size and dimension with warm hues and a calm, peaceful flow is “Gotta Keep it Together” by Marcia K Hales.

  • His Majesty by Anni Crouter


    “His Majesty” is a stunning large format acrylic by award-winning artist, Anni Crouter. The beautifully framed work captures the animal’s magnificence, power and presence in vivid detail.

  • In the Summer Sun by Thomas LeGault


    Who can look at this lovely painting of this majestic house and not imagine living in it.

  • Into the Sun by Mark Mehaffey


    Capturing the right light as it is shifting is the challenge of plein air painting.

  • La Caresse by Marcia K Hales


    About to wrap or unravel? “La Caresse” by Marcia K Hales invites you to ask.

  • Lake View by Antonio Macioce


    Breathtaking in blue, Lake View captures the refreshing and peaceful sense of a day at the shore.

  • Moo To You by Anni Crouter


    Anni Crouter’s “Moo To You,” captures the spirit of our beloved bovines.

  • Moon Lit by William Sievert


    The light & shadows found at night leave a surreal impression in William Sievert’s, “Moon Lit.”

  • Morning in the Marina by Charles Murphy


    Calm waters, just waiting for wind is, “Morning in the Marina” by Charles Murphy.

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