Mara Manning

Mara Manning

I collect too many rocks and am in awe of the complexities of nature and the majestic world we live in. My studio is on the shore of Lake Michigan, a good place for my body and soul to recharge every night as I dream my abstract layered and scarred oil and cold wax paintings into being. Inspired by views, memories and wanderings I construct a picture in which shapes, spaces and colors form a set of unique relationships that combine to express a personal landscape. I work in oil and cold wax mixed media building up layers on the treated surface of birch panels or supported canvases. To achieve a finished painting I have to go through many iterations on the surface before I am happy with the result. Drawing is at the heart of my process with lines and a personal set of symbols and markings telling the story of my interactions with nature and memories. My paintings are about finding the edges of an experience or a story without giving too much away. I don’t want to spell it out for the viewer but want to allow room for them to feel or see something meaningful. Making paintings is a daily challenge and my greatest joy, and is my way of communicating my emotions and feelings.
I have a BFA in drawing and painting from UW-Milwaukee in Wisconsin and a Master of Arts in Education from Lesley University in Cambridge MA. I believe the background I have in drawing and painting and art history has given me a strong sense of design and composition and helped support my personal drive to create work that is authentic. My educational background and years spent teaching has also given me the confidence to work in a way that is true to my interests and feelings. It has also taught me that being an artist requires hard work and a daily commitment to my practice and goals. I have met a lot of people and made a lot of connections through the years and maintaining those is a very important part of reaching any personal goals.

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