Louise Pond

Louise Pond

I am a painter who strives to tell a story, an interpretation in my own non spoken creative way. Working from life affords me that opportunity to catch a moment in time, capturing that magical play of light on form in never ending patterns. Like sitting in front of a farm long since abandoned and watching swallows dart from underneath the eaves as the sun races and casts deep shadows across a once inhabited porch. Our world is changing, art has always been that visual record of what once was. In some way I am a participant. We are all called to a certain path, I am grateful for that.

Louise teaches her plein air expertise at Twisted Fish with a pastel workshop in the summer. Students rave about her course and her attention to detail. She is an artist and an instructor not to be missed.

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  • Bales, Bay & Flowers by Louise Pond


    In Northern Michigan we love where our farmland meets the bay. Louise Pond captures this delightfully in, “Bales, Bay & Flowers.”

  • Coffee Shop by Louise Pond


    Louise Pond captures a local favorite with “Coffee Shop.” This plein air, Soft Pastel was painted during a summer art festival in Elk Rapids.

  • Farmyard by Louise Pond


    “Farmyard” by Louise Pond echoes a bucolic call to a more simple life.

  • Goodnight Sun by Louise Pond


    Who doesn’t love a great sunset? “Goodnight Sun,” by Louise Pond is a Soft Pastel filled with color and sentiment. Measures 19 1/2″ wide by 24″ high in gold trimmed, black frame with museum glass.

  • Granite Beach by Louise Pond


    “Granite Beach” by Louise Pond measures 21 1/2″ inches wide by 17 1/2″ high in gold lined, black frame.

  • Providence Farm by Louise Pond


    A well loved “must see” in Northern Michigan, as depicted by Louise Pond with, “Providence Farm.”

  • The Old Homestead by Louise Pond


    As captured in Plein Air light, Louise Pond offers, “The Old Homestead.”

  • Thelma & Louise by Louise Pond


    “Thelma & Louise” by Louise Pond is a Pastel beauty. Measuring 26 1/4″ by 24 1/4″ in gold trimmed, black frame with museum glass.

  • Twisted Fish by Louise Pond


    We were humbled to watch Louise Pond paint this Soft Pastel right in our gardens… whilst capturing our namesake!