Joe DeLuca

Joe DeLuca

Early in the 1950’s, Joseph was exposed to the history of art as well as contemporary views. His alma mater is Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where his development was inspired by Professor Paul Running. In the 1960’s, while studying at Michigan State University, where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree, he became immersed in the abstract expressionist movement. Joseph taught at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.
From the late 1960’s through the next decade, his work grew to a large scale. Along with oil paint, he began to incorporate aluminum, resins, and formica into his format. His work eventually took the shape of three dimensional constructions, often extending eight to ten feet off the wall. This led to the use of industrial materials such as metal, glass, rubber, cables and commercial hardware.
In the 1980’s, Joseph abandoned hard, industrial materials, and looked to softer, more pliable organic media such as leather, wood, bones, fabric, tar, paper and found objects. These materials were housed in plexiglass boxes and took on the feel and presence of altarpieces.
In the 1990’s, he returned to oil paint, enamels and collage. Late in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, he traveled to Europe, extending his time to paint in Italy and Portugal. He also taught workshops in Arezzo, Italy in 2005 and 2006.
Currently, Joseph works in his studio, which is a beautiful and peaceful environment in which to create. He hopes his future travels will bring new adventures and discoveries to help to further clarify his work.

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  • Stuart Suite #1 by Joe DeLuca


    Joe Deluca’s work blends life experience & emotion onto the abstract canvas. 1, of a 3 part series, “Stuart Suite #1” is a reflection of life in color, texture & depth.

  • Stuart Suite #2 by Joe DeLuca


    Joe DeLuca’s Stuart Suite is a four-part series. This is “Stuart Suite #2.”

  • Stuart Suite #3 by Joe DeLuca


    Joe DeLuca packs a lot of original art into a fairly small work. This is “Stuart Suite #3” and we love the imagination that went into it — and how it piques our imaginations as well.

  • Stuart Suite #4 by Joe Deluca


    Sometimes it feels random to classify Joe DeLuca’s original art as “abstract,” because it is easy to see so many things in it. This is “Stuart Suite #4,” the last of this 4 part series.

  • White Gold by Joe Deluca


    Joe DeLuca’s White Gold is a three-dimensional mixed media wonder that reveals more each time you look at it

  • Yellow Gold by Joe DeLuca


    Joe DeLuca works his magic with colors and textures in “Yellow Gold,” an original mixed media abstract artwork.