Gail Hayton

Gail Hayton

Hayton’s passion is to render sun-drenched landscapes that usually include architecture, and sometimes horses. Her love for these subjects comes from two sources.

All her life, Gail Hayton has been creating imagery with a jewel-like quality.

After experimenting with woven tapestries, embroidery, quilting and large-size paintings in pencil and watercolor, she finally found her “jewel” in miniature oil paintings.

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  • Fishtown by Gail Hayton


    “Fishtown” is a miniature oil painting by Gail Hayton, depicting the beloved Leland, Michigan, landmark.

  • Into the Clearing by Gail Hayton


    Depth from such a small canvas…

  • Skipping Stones by Gail Hayton


    The charm of enjoying beach stones as a child…

  • Sleigh Ride at 4:00 by Gail Hayton


    The bucolic feeling of winter on a farm leaves a big impression from such a small frame in Gail Hayton’s “Sleigh Ride at 4:00.”

  • The Larkspurs by Gail Hayton


    Still life in miniature…

  • Tranquil Waters by Gail Hayton


    Serenity at its best…