Dick Davis

Dick Davis

Dick has worked with leather for over 40 years and started incorporating wood and metal into his works over 15 years ago. He does not consider himself a traditional blacksmith, as he often uses independent and unorthodox methods, much as the earliest blacksmiths were known for. Dick fabricates his pieces using many “product specific,” homemade tools… made especially to heat and bend metal in a particular way for a particular item.
By using leather, wood, metal and stone, Dick feels a comforting affinity and attachment to a part of our American heritage, and believes that creating objects out of these materials is historically important. He relishes the fact that the metal ores and stones come from the Great Lakes areas (mostly Michigan), and by incorporating such basic materials into his work he can create items that last and last. “We need metal in our lives. It is an amazing byproduct of our environment.” He enjoys blending materials, which makes his items more individualistic.
Dick is an energetic and versatile artist, always eager to create something different, which adds to his own enthusiasm for his work. The resulting pieces, ranging from leather bracelets, vases, knives and sculptures to yard art and furniture, are beautifully crafted items for functional and decorative purposes.

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  • Bench or Table by Dick Davis


    Versatile as it is beautiful…

  • Bench with Armrests by Dick Davis


    Inlaid with a piece of Upper Peninsula Copper Ore…

  • Birchbark Sofa Table by Dick Davis


    The entire piece is urethaned. Handles, legs and base are handforged with stones at base picked from the Great Lakes region.

  • Cherry Wood Table by Dick Davis


    The table is urethaned for durability and measures 43″ wide by 16.5″ deep by 35.5″ high.

    *Due to size, Cherry Wood Table is only available for purchase & delivery through the Gallery directly. Please phone to inquire. #231 264 0123

  • Coffee Table/Bench by Dick Davis


    Enjoy living with a bit of Michigan legacy…

  • Cutting Board & Hand Forged Knife Combo by Dick Davis


    In an assortment of sizes each board comes with its own, uniquely crafted, hand forged knife. *Please contact the gallery directly for purchase and shipping. #231 264 0123

  • Desk Set by Dick Davis


    Writing in luxury…

  • Hand Forged Candle Holders by Dick Davis


    Combining steel, stone and fine craftsmanship, Dick Davis offers tea light or votive candle holders.

  • Hand Forged Hearts by Dick Davis


    Be still my forged heart… wink, wink.

  • Hand Forged Pine Trees by Dick Davis


    Accent your home with handcrafted beauty in steel and stone.

  • Matilda II by Dick Davis


    Standing tall among the reeds…

  • Olive Wood Sofa Table by Dick Davis


    Elegantly created with Petoskey Stone inlay…

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