Daniel Heron

Daniel Heron

Daniel credits his mother for fostering his early interest in art by providing him with painting and drawing lessons. Beyond this early training, he was self-taught until a Michigan gallery accepted his work. Through that gallery he became acquainted with Joe De Luca, a well-known abstract artist and a retired art professor from Western Michigan University. Daniel credits De Luca with furthering his art education.
His inspiration comes from early American Indian art forms, specifically the colorful geometrics of the Great Plains tribes’ bead work, Navajo weavings, Membres pottery, the designs painted on teepees, and the rock paintings found in various regions of America.
Daniel combines earthy primitive colors, textures, designs and stylized figures in the style of his other major influence – the abstract expressionists. His work has been exhibited in numerous shows across Michigan.

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  • Almost Home by Daniel Heron


    Distinctive color shines…

  • Expecting by Daniel Heron


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  • Mom by Daniel Heron


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  • On The Fringe by Daniel Heron


    Line, shape and color come together…

  • Still Hoping by Daniel Heron


    Texture, color and shape come together…

  • The Gathering by Daniel Heron


    The title says it all…

  • The Loner by Daniel Heron


    Subtle neutrals…

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