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  • Sleeping Bear Spring by Mark Mehaffey


    Capturing those bluffs from a different perspective…

  • Slow Water by Ann Robinson


    Completed with palette knife & inspired by nature…

  • Snow Bunny by Anni Crouter


    Known for her love of nature and animals, Anni Crouter focuses on both with “Winter Bunny.”

  • Soft Lines by Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen


    Texture is at play with “Soft Lines”…

  • Spring Morning by Alan Maciag


    Welcoming the warm spring light…

  • Stormy Weather by Ann Robinson


    Ann Robinson questioned what Hurricane Dorian would look like and created, “Stormy Weather.”

  • Summer Birch by Alan Maciag


    Filtered light through the trees…

  • Summer Birches by Alan Maciag


    You could just walk right into this canvas…

  • Summer by William Sievert


    Dream like memories on canvas is “Summer” by William Sievert.

  • Summer Meadow by William White


    Have you seen a garden this lush? With layers of oil to build depth and dimension, William White brings us a summer bouquet on canvas with, “Summer Meadow.”

  • Summer Oak by Mark Mehaffey


    Earth tones in the warm light makes for a very special capture via plein air technique in “Summer Oak,” by Mark Mehaffey

  • Summer Wheat by Mark Mehaffey


    Bright & inviting is “Summer Wheat” by Mark Mehaffey.

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