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  • Mixed Message by Margaret White


    “Mixed Message” by Margaret White captures a moment with color and imagination.

  • Monet Reflections by Ginnie Cappaert


    From her Monet series, upon a visit to France, Ginnie Cappaert creates, “Monet Reflections.”

  • Morning Light by Jerry Gates


    A peaceful start of the day in “Morning Light” by Jerry Gates, mixed media, 36 inches wide by 30 inches high, $2,200

  • Morning Mist by William White


    William White’s mastery and creativity with color come through in “Morning Mist.”

  • Natuur by Marcia Hales


    Line and color dance together…

  • Northern Fall Farm Grove by Jerry Gates


    Jerry Gates captures the temperament of a northern Michigan autumn in “Northern Fall Farm Grove.”

  • Oak Light by Mark Mehaffey


    Painted en plein air & capturing that warm afternoon sun…

  • One Fine Day by Steve Griggs


    An Urban stroll…

  • Passage 103 by Ron Gianola


    Bright, vibrant colors dance across the canvas…

  • Putting the River to Bed by Jerry Gates


    Easing into evening with “Putting the River to Bed” by Jerry Gates, oil-pastel, 37.5 inches wide by 31.5 inches high, $2,800, framed.

  • Rapunzel by Mara Manning


    Through the layering of paint and cold wax an image emerges…

  • Red Hot Beauties by Chris Trombley


    From her Garden Series, Chris Trombley goes bold with, “Red Hot Beauties.”

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