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  • High Season Dockside by Charles Murphy


    The largest from his dockside series…

  • Hopeful #36 by Lynn Uhlmann


    From her “Hopeful” Series…

  • Hopeful #47 by Lynn Uhlmann


    Inspired by the beauty just outside her door…

  • Hopeful #51 by Lynn Uhlmann


    From her “Hopeful” Series…

  • Landscape Blues by Antonio Macioce


    Bold color, beautiful nature in “Landscape Blues” by Antonio Macioce.

  • Late Afternoon by Alan Maciag


    End of the day sun highlighting the trees…

  • Lights Blinking On by Charles Murphy


    The transition at sunset…

  • Listen To The Sunset by Mary Guntsviller


    Breathtaking use of watercolor…

  • Lost or Found by Marcia Hales


    Color and line come together to inspire…

  • M.E. 2 by Matt Lewis


    “M.E. 2″ by Matt Lewis measures 36″ wide by 40” high.

  • Memory Lane by Mara Manning


    Oh, the stories to be told…

  • Misty Knoll by William White


    The view from a flowered knoll overlooks a grove of trees. Halfway up the painting, a light violet ridge line appears. Above the ridge line yellow and orange clouds rise to the top of the canvas. The blue green sky suggests impending rain.

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