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  • Beach Baby by Anni Crouter


    Precious moments in nature…

  • Clearing by William Sievert


    Soft, smoky, peaceful…

  • Fall’s Beginning by Mark Mehaffey


    From his Love the Country series…

  • Gentle Steed by Shanny Brooke


    Sitting high on her beloved horse…

  • Moon City by Lindy Bishop


    One of a series of moonlight paintings…

  • No Name Lake At Evening by Jerry Gates


    Are you ready to dip toes through the fog?

  • Orchard in Moonlight by Lindy Bishop


    The glow of moonlight among the blossoms…

  • Pathways by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    Muted colors dazzle the eyes…

  • Reflecting On Our Land 2 by Ginnie Cappaert


    Land and sky, light and color create a subtle movement…

  • Steam by Michelle Sider


    Simply exquisite is “Steam” by Michelle Sider.

  • Still Out There Running by Lindy Bishop


    Taking to the road…

  • Summer Meadow by William White


    Have you seen a garden this lush? With layers of oil to build depth and dimension, William White brings us a summer bouquet on canvas with, “Summer Meadow.”

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