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  • Naples Pier by Joan Gerigk


    The glow of the setting sun lights up the evening clouds…

  • Neighborhood Color by Alan Maciag


    Autumn colors glow…

  • Oranges After A Long Journey by Shanny Brooke


    Inspired by the emergence of spring…

  • Playing Cowboy by Doug Melvin


    All decked out and ready to ride his pony…

  • Putting the River to Bed by Jerry Gates


    Easing into evening with “Putting the River to Bed” by Jerry Gates, oil-pastel, 37.5 inches wide by 31.5 inches high, $2,800, framed.

  • Razzle Dazzle by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    Lavish color delights the senses…

  • Red Sky by Joan Gerigk


    A quiet evening on the water…

  • Reflecting On Our Land 2 by Ginnie Cappaert


    Land and sky, light and color create a subtle movement…

  • Scattered by Ginnie Cappaert


    Abundant texture with complementary colors…

  • Sofa Table by Dick Davis


    Covered with stones from around the world…

  • Solitude in the Evening by Ginnie Cappaert


    An exuberant end of the day…

  • Spanish Tiles – The Alhambra” by Delbert Michel


    Inspired by travel, shape & language, Delbert Michel offers what spurs his creative process with, “Spanish Tiles- The Alhambra.”

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