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  • On The Rocks by James Troutman


    James Troutman artistically captures the action of a bear in the wild with “On The Rocks,” an original soapstone sculpture.

  • Open Slope by Charles Murphy


    Is the day starting or ending? Ready for one more run or retreating back to the woods? Charles Murphy asks the question in “Open Slope.”

  • Organic Earth Fall by Jerry Gates


    “Organic Earth Fall” by Jerry Gates, mixed media, 16 inches by 14 inches, $300.

  • Passage #55/#423 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola uses geometry to his advantage in the original oil, abstract painting, “Passage #55 #423.”

  • Passage #76/#463 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola uses bold colors and bold moves in Passage #76 #463.

  • Passage #9/#285 by Ron Gianola


    You’ll never think of primary colors the same way after seeing Ron Gianola’s original oil painting, “Passage #9 #285.”

  • Passage #92/#482 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola’s bold use of color is evident in Passage #92 #482, an original oil painting that measures 16 inches by 16 inches.

  • Passage by Charles Murphy


    Setting a darker tone with this abstract landscape, Charles Murphy contemplates the “Passage.”

  • Passing Through by Anni Crouter


    Anni Crouter is known for her large scale polar bear portraits. She’s offers a medium sized beauty with “Passing Through.”

  • Paying Attention by Alan Maciag


    Who doesn’t love a little conversing with our lovable bovines? These two have something to say in “Paying Attention,” by Alan Maciag.

  • Pulling White by Marcia K Hales


    Are we wrapping up tightly or about to spin loose? You decide with “Pulling White” by Marcia K Hales.

  • Putting the River to Bed by Jerry Gates


    Easing into evening with “Putting the River to Bed” by Jerry Gates, oil-pastel, 37.5 inches wide by 31.5 inches high, $2,800, framed.

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