Susan Bloye

Susan Bloye

“As I walk in this world and cycle through the seasons, I am brought to a sense of wholeness with all of life. As I breathe in awareness in the natural world, I find inspiration for living in the sacred complexities, balanced creative ecosystems and abundantly nourishing vitality. Being in nature has always brought me to a calm, centered place.
My artwork is an extension of my love for nature. It is also an expression of play through seeking flow and balance with the natural elements. Through both my use of medium and subject matter I celebrate the vitality found in our beautiful great lakes state. I strive to allow the medium, whether it is watercolor, fiber art or acrylic paint to express this energy.
I grew up in urban southeast Michigan, enjoying pleasant vacation time romping on the Canadian shores of Lake Huron. I did my formal art training at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. My husband and I raised our children in rural Washtenaw County where I spent many hours interacting with nature through my gardening. Recently I relocated to the Chain of Lakes area, not far from Lake Michigan. I am enjoying seeing awe inspiring scenes come into view as I navigate the rolling topography along with watching the constantly shifting atmospheric play of light and shadow.”

Twisted Fish Gallery is proud that Susan has joined our team as not only artist, but colleague. You’ll find Susan on the floor of the Galleries, making our gardens shine & teaching workshops in art journaling and felting. We thank Susan for sharing her art & inspiration with us. (*Photo courtesy of Blue Peach Photography)

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    This masterful fabric work combines Felted Wool & Cotton Embroidery.

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  • Mountain Path by Susan Bloye


    From┬áher book, Herman Takes A Walk, “Mountain Path” illustrates the beauty of nature.

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  • Rolling Hills by Susan Bloye


    An original illustration from her book, Herman Takes A Walk.

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