Mary Guntzviller

Mary Guntzviller

“I create because I must.
To me, creating art is as essential as breathing. Creating art gives me joy, satisfaction, apprehension, and relief. Every time I create, I am complete. I am in control and yet taking the biggest risk of my life.”

A graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in Fine Art, Mary has spent her life successfully painting in various mediums, from small scale to large. She also expresses herself through textile and sculpture.

Living in pristine Northern Michigan, her inspiration comes from nature’s simulation of her senses. Her visual creations communicate a range of emotion, sometimes bringing viewers to tears, as she shares her experiences of joy, life, and death.

Well known for her transparent watercolor paintings, Mary also forays into oil and acrylic, fabric, sculpture, and resin. She has been published in Quilting arts Magazine, has illustrated a children’s book, and won many awards. An instructor since 1993, Mary’s primary goal is to instill self-confidence in her students. Her classes are filled with humor, interaction, and demonstrations.

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