Katarzyna Korytowska

Katarzyna Korytowska

Katarzyna Korytowska obtained dual degrees in Fine Arts & Architecture from the University Of Poznan & Poznan Academy Of Art in her native country of Poland. When in art school, Katarzyna was known for creating original & captivating works of art. As a young architect and artist in the city of Poznan, Katarzyna was selected to represent Poland as an attendee of the Prince’s Trust Foundation in London in 1993. At that time, this selection was one of the greatest honors that a young artist from Poland could receive.
After establishing her career as a successful architect, Katarzyna moved to the United States in 1997 and has resided in Michigan since. With focus on large scale buildings, Katarzyna’s design can be found in hospitals and commercial spaces throughout the Metro Detroit area. Although her career took flight, Katarzyna remains connected to her artistic endeavors in oil painting with focus on her impressionistic landscapes as well as highly textured representational work. Because of her rich background in both fields, she is able to create art that enhances the look and functionality of living spaces.
Her latest collection is inspired by natural elements. She magnifies them with wonderful attention to detail and texture giving them incredible lace-like impression. With these oil paintings she is capable of filling interiors with striking warmth and energy.

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