Connie Kuhnle

Connie Kuhnle

Connie is a Michigan artist who studied art for a year at Michigan State University, then graduated from Kendall School of Art & Design with a major in illustration. She worked in the commercial art field for seven years, doing illustrations and animations.
Connie then quit working to raise her children, but continued studying fine art on her own during that time.
Connie started with watercolor paint, then went to pastel. When using pastels, she likes the layering of colors, which gives a vibration and richness to the piece. Connie also enjoys oil painting because of the texture and the feel of putting the paint down and moving it around.
Connie feels inspired by light and shadow and likes the contrast and edges she can achieve in her work.

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  • Ben’s Farm in May by Connie Kuhnle


    Plein air painting at it’s best is found in the warm hues and nostalgic feel of Connie Kuhnle’s, “Ben’s Farm in May.”

  • Leelanau Farm by Connie Kuhnle


    With Spring’s bloom off the Cherry Blossom & the warm hues of home, what could be more inviting than Connie Kuhnle’s ” Leelanau Farm.”

  • Looking Beyond by Connie Kuhnle


    Classic Michigan in a¬†softly detailed Pastel is Connie Kuhnle’s, “Looking Beyond.”

  • Point Betsie by Connie Kuhnle


    Majestic she stands in the summer sun.

  • Taking The Back Road Home by Connie Kuhnle


    Depicting our beloved Michigan farmland in soft light & warm hues is Connie Kuhnle’s, “Taking The Back Road Home.”

  • Up North Orchard by Connie Kuhnle


    The cherry blossoms are bursting in Connie Kuhnle’s, “Up North Orchard.”