Chris Trombley

Chris Trombley

On Process:
“I love depth of color and interest. My work is multi-layered, revealing gems below here and there. It’s an actual physical experience covering and uncovering, polishing the patina with a palette knife to get just the right surface to paint on top of. I love collage. The vast majority of my collage pieces are made by me or are pieces I strongly identify with. When my father passed away, I kept the balance of the inventory of his memoirs. You will find pages and pages throughout my work.  You may find part of a newspaper from a wonderful trip to Greece, you may find a hand written note with beautiful penmanship. I choose carefully and place as carefully. I start from scratch with a blank canvas and work diligently to build what I hope will be a beautiful painting.”

On Inspiration for The Garden Series:
“My mother was an avid gardener her entire life. As young kids we had to pull weeds and move mulch in her garden beds on Saturday mornings before we could play with our friends. We were thoroughly educated around the varieties she loved, pruning, splitting plantings, transplanting and feeding her beauties. We had to water and edge the beds to her liking before we were released from this hard labor. Certainly, Jump Rope and Hide and Seek were way more fun! Her love of flowers and building a beautiful landscape have stuck with me and many of her much-loved blooming varieties are part of my series. Interesting in retrospect how much I retained and how much joy I get in transforming a canvas with her voice in my ear!”

On Inspiration for The Neighborhood Series:
“My wonky houses and fantastical surroundings are firmly based in the actuality and reality of my life. My father was a writer, notably as the Publisher of Car and Driver magazine and in retirement, of two published memoirs: Bronx Boy and Bronx Man. His recounting of places lived and visited as a kid and later as an adult and father sparked something deep in me that I wanted to explore on the canvas. As the series grew and developed, I gathered other addresses of family members and then my own residences and much-loved locations of importance to me. As one may expect there are a variety of emotions, memories and geography coupled with a time stamp of experience that flows through these works. They have been and I predict will continue to be a wonderful exploration into the history of my parents, extended family as well as my own life.”

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