Alan Maciag

Alan Maciag

Alan Maciag paints with oils; his rural landscapes are a balance between form, distance, color and content. This balance creates a sense of calm and bucolic reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan. One is invited to simply “step in” for a moment and be surrounded by the spirit created on the canvas.

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  • Autumn Color by Alan Maciag


    The peak of fall color can glorify your life all year long with “Autumn Color” by Alan Maciag.

  • Autumn Gold by Alan Maciag


    Fall’s hues take center stage in Alan Maciag’s “Autumn Gold.” As a plein air painter, Alan is known to get outdoors and paint up to 2 times per day… and we are thankful for it!

  • Farm Fresh Egg by Alan Maciag


    Alan Maciag makes us want to move here in this idyllic setting on a cozy farm.

  • Freshly Picked by Alan Maciag


    Who doesn’t love a bouquet to adorn the home? Alan Maciag offers a delight with “Freshly Picked.”

  • Just Delivered by Alan Maciag


    Colors take on magical properties in Alan Maciag’s hands. Shadows create different shades and textures, yet the integrity of the landscape is always maintained.

  • Lake Morning by Alan Maciag


    Warm breeze, soft light and a welcome home draws us into Alan Maciag’s “Lake Morning.”

  • Paying Attention by Alan Maciag


    Who doesn’t love a little conversing with our lovable bovines? These two have something to say in “Paying Attention,” by Alan Maciag.

  • Poppy Field by Alan Maciag


    Who doesn’t get excited to see fresh poppies in bloom? “Poppy Field” by Alan Maciag will bring the fresh inside.

  • Ready to Bale by Alan Maciag


    Alan Maciag captures the beauty and peacefulness of a late summer day with “Ready To Bale.”

  • Summer Breeze by Alan Maciag


    Noted for his bucolic capturing of our beloved Michigan countryside, Alan MaciagĀ  grabs the heartstrings with, “Summer Breeze.”

  • Sunflower Row by Alan Maciag


    We love exploring the farmland here in Michigan and take great delight when coming upon a sunflower field.

  • Sunlit Birches by Alan Maciag


    A lovely study of our beautiful Michigan Birch trees, as only Alan Maciag can capture.

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