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Identities in Motion Lab: Hearing Voices, Revisiting Our Own 2-5PM October 28th

Identities in Motion will be hosting a lab session at Twisted Fish Gallery on Monday, October 28 from 2-5PM in the Cottage Gallery.

About Identities in Motion and Carine Gibert:

Identities in Motion is about creating spaces of inquiry, listening, and expression. The focus is to explore how our identities move through and are shaped by the world. Identities interact. Always. The layers of which are important. Nuanced. The work is about questioning assumptions, developing intercultural competencies, and the role of curiosity. These teachings are offered in the forms of WorkshopsLabs and Curricula. The Workshops present 7 Practices, the Labs are an exploration often with guest experts in their field, and the teaching curriculums put these Identity Practices into classrooms so students can engage and grow. It is a pleasure to have worked with each community, organization, school and individual to facilitate learning. Learn more at

Carine Gibert’s work has come about as a convergence of her personal background, her belief in the power of embodied experience and her desire to examine how we listen. Her workshops provide insight into how education practices will empower students/participants to articulate abstract notions of identity and belonging. She was awarded an innovation grant in January 2017 from the Lycee Francais de New York. With this innovation grant she has developed and led a series of workshops and international residency programs, presented at the Association for the Advancement of International Education, the New York State Association of Independent Schools, and recently as a fellow of The Academy of Teachers in New York City. She has worked in cultural heritage management in France, Italy and the Netherlands as well as alongside local organizations in Cambodia and Northern Michigan. Born to a French father and American mother she was raised at the Frankfurt International School in Germany. These experiences have led her to identify how education toward global citizenship allows for open and productive dialogues well beyond the classroom. Curiosity drives her work. She writes and records audio poems inspired by port towns where for centuries cultural mixing and land-sea exchange has taken place.

About this lab:

Neurological research shows that brains process auditory information ten times faster than visual
cues, but our ability to truly listen is being challenged. The work facilitated in Identities In Motion centers on an examination of identity, geared toward self awareness, social awareness and decision making. This workshop focuses on the power of embodied experience, an examination of narratives, as well as education practices that empower individuals to articulate abstract notions of identity and belonging.

Soundscapes and people’s stories are a powerful and rich construct to our reality. The emphasis of this workshop is to introduce Identities In Motion practices. We will engage in reflections on how we move through and are shaped by our many environments and narratives. We will consider how we relate to the Great Lakes and the geographies that may bind us together.

Please bring writing materials, paper, and photographs. Details for the photograph assignment will be sent to you after you complete registration.

Registration is required and can be done here:


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