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Doodle Day! Saturday, October 12 from 1-3PM

We invite you to come and doodle with us every second Saturday of the month from 1-3PM in the Cottage Gallery.

Open to everyone of all ages, doodling doesn’t require any experience or artistic expertise. It’s absentminded scribbling. It’s simply about the enjoyment of making marks on a page. And, it is so much fun.

Enjoy a great opportunity to gather as a family or with friends and follow simple doodle exercises or explore your own individual doodle direction. Bring your own paper and pencils or use the materials that we provide.

Doodling has been found to have many benefits. It can improve memory, relieve stress, help with concentration, enhance creativity and keep you in the present moment.



Please join us this Saturday, (or the second Saturday of each month thereafter) from 1-3PM in the Cottage Gallery. Light refreshments will be served. And, if the weather is nice, we can doodle outside!


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