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December 2, 2014
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January 13, 2015
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Don’t hibernate. We can’t bear that

ExteriorSo many times we hear people say, “Guess I’ll go hibernate until spring now.”


Winter is such a glorious season and it has so many perks. We are happy every day that we made the decision to live in a place that has some good, solid winters.

Of course, the scenery can seem a bit too gray at times, especially if we haven’t had a sunny day in awhile, but gray is a color, right? With lots of different shades to it, in fact. And, while some the days can be a bit chilly (it’s -5 while I’m writing this) there are plenty of comfortable days too.

So get out there and enjoy it! Go snowshoeing, go skiing, go skating — heck, go biking! And send us a picture while you’re at it. We love to see people enjoying winter.

But, if you must stay indoors, take a good hard look at your walls and shelves and start thinking of ways to perk them up. Maybe a new painting or sculpture? A wall hanging or some pottery? Get a few ideas together, then come see us and we can make it reality.



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