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January 2, 2018
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February 9, 2018
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Artist Mary Guntzviller Brings Humor to Art in Feb. Classes

This piece was created by a first-time artist.


For artist Mary Guntzviller, creating art isn’t about being successful or perfect. It’s about being willing to let the process take you on a new, unexpected journey. And this is what it will be like should you join her at a class. She’ll be teaching watercolors on Wednesdays through February at Twisted Fish’s Cottage Gallery.

“Sometimes the result is successful, sometimes it’s not. It’s important to allow ourselves be less than perfect. That’s why I say, Bring Humor!”

 Here, she shares some of her thoughts on teaching and what she enjoys about the creative process.

“I love to introduce students to the concept of practicing painting. Not painting because it’s going to be a masterpiece every time, but being willing to find out what you don’t know.”

The goals of my classes are to show students how to explore and learn while having fun. Touching the brush to the paper is an examination of one’s inner being.

  • Can you get over your fear of the unknown and just see what happens?
  • How far can you relax and let the painting experience take over?
  • Are you willing to accept what is happening on your paper even if it’s not what you expected?

Northern Michigan artist Mary Guntzviller will be teaching watercolor classes at Twisted Fish Gallery throughout February, where beginning and intermediate artists will have the chance to enjoy camaraderie, releasing their inner artist, and learning new skills.

See the supply list for her February series of watercolor classes, running Wednesdays through February from 1-4 pm, here:

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