• Bonfires by William White
    "Bonfires," 40x16, oil painting
  • Bowl of Cherries by William White
    "Bowl of Cherries," 30"x24", oil painting
  • Cottage Garden by William White
    "Cottage Garden," oil painting, 22"x26"
  • Field of Lavender, oil painting, 24"x30"
  • Gladiola Garden by William White
    Gladiola Garden, oil painting, 48"x24"

Ranging from old world interiors, classical views of northern Michigan, to abstract works in vivid colors, William White’s oil paintings challenge a viewer to become a participant in the artistic process. Bill uses simple subjects to create complex scenes with intricate details. The vibrancy of Bill’s work demands a viewer’s attention in any setting.

Bill received a B.F.A. from Wayne State University. M.A. from Eastern Michigan University, and did postgraduate study at the Center for Creative Studies. Bill paints with oil on canvas, and uses opaque, bold colored paint and layers of transparent glazes.  He uses various methods of adding and subtracting paint from the canvas. Most of his color mixing is done directly on the canvas, working wet into wet or wet over dry.
Bill’s travels in the United States, Europe and the Far East have influenced his approach to painting. Some of Bill’s paintings depict images of daily life expressed through color, play of light, and a beckoning environment. The interior themes in some of Bill’s paintings delineate a space that invites the viewer to enter. Bill’s landscapes and floral paintings are filled with bold color and contrast.