Rufus Snoddy

Rufus Snoddy emerged from the "separate but equal" world of East Texas as an adolescent in the late 1950's. Coming from the wide open fields and prairies of rural Texas to the congestion of Los Angeles at such a tender age gave root to an appreciation for dichotomy, which is still apparent in Snoddy's work. Some of his works show rolling green hills peacefully revealing their nearly human forms under ominously darkening skies. The texture of Snoddy's work in many ways reflects his history. He calls his works "construction paintings". They are sculpted works that could most accurately be described as "hanging out" from a wall rather than simply hanging on it.

If you have questions or you need more information about any of the artwork from Rufus Snoddy please call Bob, Charlie or Katherine at 231-264-0123.

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