• Diamond Zephyr by Peter Griz, copper.
  • Garden Angel by Peter Griz, copper.
  • Windjammer Weathervane by Peter Griz, copper.
  • Dancing Leaves by Peter Griz, copper.
  • Twisted Fish by Peter Griz, copper.

Michigan artist Peter Griz has had a creative impulse leading him down paths of inventing and obtaining patents for mechanical devices over the years. But, when he began fabricating and experimenting with metals, his creativity took its natural course in inspiring him to design kinetic sculptures. His fascination with the possibility of designing a piece of art that could be energized by the wind producing such a tranquil effect became a passion. Early inspirational ideas for his art work evolved from observing things as simplistic as his grandson’s “Delta Flyer” kite and the wind meter on top of a cruise ship.